Week 2 Report

Before the school day started…

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Week report:

Sariah completed Level 1 of All About Spelling today.  It really was WAY too easy for her, but some of the rules she actually had never heard defined (to be honest, I hadn’t either), and they make for easier spelling in a lot of ways.  She’s also on Lesson 20 of RightStart Level C, after only 10 days of doing anything.  We’ve gotten to the part that stumps her: multi-digit addition.  Today she surprised herself and was surprised at how easy it was to actually do the addition with the help of the abacus.  I’m hoping that will boost her confidence in her abilities enough to get her past the mental block that has made moving forward in math difficult for her.

Erik is halfway through AAS Level 1, and I’m glad they “split up”, for his confidence levels. He KNOWS how to do it, but he doesn’t have the sitting capacity Sariah does.  In math, the twins are “right on track” at lesson 10.  Unfortunately Kent complains EVERY SINGLE DAY about starting math, which is rather a put-down for wanting to do anything, but Erik’s been a trooper and put up with it.  As for Kent’s reading, he’s either overly excited to get started (enough to drive everyone crazy while I’m trying to work with others) or he’s absolutely against doing anything.  The motivation flip-flop is exhausting for me to deal with.  But he’s doing well when he does it, at least.

Samantha is doing well overall.  I’m keeping her “on track” with math also, because I started her at Level A (1st grade) while she’s in kindergarten, but she’s ready for it.  I really could be moving faster through it with her, but there’s not a big rush to do that, so I’m not.  Her reading could also be moving faster, but with 4 different kids to be teaching along with two “before school” age kids, I have to limit how much I do with each kid during school time to have time to spend with the younger ones also outside of school time.

Family School is going reasonably well.  The kids are enjoying Road Trip USA much more this week (now that we’re looking at the states individually), and they’re not even complaining too badly about the response assignments for them (usually).  Science this week we built Galilean telescopes from kits from ToysRUs closeout that were a dismal failure (we could NOT get them to focus AT ALL), but they enjoyed the activity.

I’m still requiring them to do handwriting every day, but I haven’t started any writing assignments yet… maybe next week?  I have “The Big Life Journal” all printed and ready for them to start, when we’re ready.

We’ll start their tech classes next week.  Samantha’s writing tablet for her 3D animation class through TechTrep Academy arrived yesterday, so she’ll start that Tuesday maybe?  That class all I have to do is help her log in and turn in the assignments online, so that won’t be adding much to my plate.  I’ve ordered the LEGO WeDo 2.0 kit for Kent and Erik’s tech class, and I’m just waiting for that to come.  I officially have a tracking number, but it’s not working so I’ve emailed them for more information.  Unfortunately I forgot that LEGO is a European company and I emailed after business hours for them, so I likely won’t hear anything until late Sunday night or Monday morning.  It’s a bummer, but hopefully we’ll get the stuff soon.  When we do, I will be their teacher, so there’s another “class” for me to teach on top of what I’m already doing.  And Sariah is already working on her tech class, a photography class through Udemy.  I think she’s enjoying it.  I’ll be checking her “work” at the end of next week to see if she’s “getting” the point of the first lesson (lighting and focus).

So there it is.  The second week of school is done.  Every day at the end of the day I look around at the chaos and sigh, then remember that the kids are actually LOVING school (mostly) this year, they ask for us to start, they complain when I say “no, we’re not doing an extra lesson today,” and that’s all a HUGE win in my book!

And after… this is actually a pretty “clean” day by way of chaos at the end of our homeschool days.

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